We are certainly going through huge changes right now!


Covid - 19 has rampaged through the globe like wildfire, and has changed the world as know it

overnight ... Shelter in Place, Lock Down, Self Isolation, Quarantine.


Huge words, with a massive impact on our lives.



And as we scramble frantically to re-create some form of normal in this new landscape, we are all forced to navigate through unique challenges: 


Like working from home  ... or t rying to stay productive as we juggle a new routine in kids, homeschooling, while maintaining work and life balance.  Like practicing  Social Distancing and i solating from friends and family at the same time as keeping connections and relationships healthy....  and that's just the tip of the iceberg!


Because at times likes these, it's really not as simple as just setting up a home office and business as usual, is it?   


No longer can we leave personal issues 'at home' and just focus on the work that needs to be done, as the boundaries between home and office have blurred completely.

We are all facing unique challenges in these uncertain times...


  • Heightened fear of personal safety
  • Anxiety and stress about protecting and looking after vulnerable or elderly family members
  • Stress about working from home while trying to look after kids - and maybe even homeschooling them as well
  • Overwhelm due to isolation for those who live alone
  • Elevated emotional distress for those who are now forced into 24 /7 confinement  with family which can lead to arguments, stress and even violence
  • Depression, despair and panic about the relentless of the news
  • Collective anxiety and grief as we have to come to terms with the loss of loved ones
  • Fear and worry about What Comes Next.



This level of stress is unprecedented.


We are all navigating through unchartered waters right now ...

and we are all susceptible to overwhelm and anxiety.












My name is Susan Schöning and I am a specialist Life Crisis Coach.


I have 22 years and over  30,000 hours of in-person crisis coaching experience and have worked with thousands of people over the years to help them navigate through challenging times.


My Crisis Coaching Programme is a unique combination of Western Coaching Techniques combined with Vedic Psychology and Ayurvedic Principles.


Drawing on my past professional business experience as a nurse, a medical journalist, and then running my own medical PR agency, together with my training a nd years of coaching and mentoring experience, I am able to work effectively through a broad spectrum of life situations, including navigating through change, financial troubles, relationships, family trauma, death, care-giving, infertility, student career mentoring, depression, bullying and more.







My passion is to help people by using my natural talent of being able to quickly determine the dynamics at play in a person's life and help them to develop an action plan back to safety, stability and wholeness.


Over the past 22 years in my international career I have dealt with every imaginable human trauma and am a specialist coach in personal crisis -  and I would be honoured to work with you through these difficult times.





Susan Schöning is based in Munich, Germany. For more information you can contact her on [email protected]