Unlock your Intuition

Expand your Awareness


See the Aura






See, feel, hear, understand and experience more than you ever thought possible, in this four week fully immersive online programme





We begin on the 15 September 2020




Together we will discover ...


... and SO much more!


We work together ...


using videos, podcasts, journals, worksheets, and focussed meditation experiences over a four week period.


PLUS : Two interactive webinars where your questions will be answered LIVE


PLUS PLUS : You will receive TWO illustrated EBOOKS,


  • Your Magical Aura
  • The Chakra System
  • Absolutely free!


P LUS PLUS PLUS :  Daily updates, challenges and interactions in our facebook group.


PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS: Our resource page is constantly updated, for you to download all of the materials as and when you need them. 


and so much more!










Y ou will learn ...

  • All about the Auric Field
  • The Layers of the Aura
  • The Meanings of the Different Aura Colours
  • Understanding the Chakra System
  • The World of Dreams, Signs and Symbols
  • Introduction to Guides and Angels
  • A Multitude of techniques and tips that enable you to see not just your OWN aura, but also the aura of other people, animals, trees and even plants
  • Meditative techniques to deepen your intuition and open your third eye
  • Balancing and grounding techniques to re-balance your own energy field

and so much more!


This course is perfect for anyone:


- who wants to tune into their psychic or intuitive abilities

- who wants to discover powerful techniques to awaken their third eye

- who wants to be able to feel, taste, hear, and see the energy field

- works as a healer, intuitive, coach, therapist



Meet Sue Schöning ...

I am so excited to be offering this course once again!  It truly is one of my favourite programs to teach!


I have been teaching Psychic Development, Intuitive Connection and Soul Discovery since early 2004 and it is one of my perennial best sellers  ... and I have so much fun with it every time we run it, that we keep adding new and exciting exercises and experiences each time.


It really is a jam packed programme full of info, practical tips and techniques, meditations, videos, webinars, workbooks, pdf's and guided exercises ... all designed to ensure to teach you HOW to see and experience the aura, connect with your own inner intuition and learn how to trust your gut with the guidance and information that you are receiving.




There are TWO ways that you can participate in this program




Join the

4 week Programme


You receive the whole incredible 4 week course as outlined above!


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Join the programme



You receive 2 x one-on-one sessions to focus in on YOU and YOUR unique journey.


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Register to join in! 

We cannot wait to have you on this journey with us!



Remember, we start on the 15 September 2020

How's this for a brilliant offer?


If you have done this course in the past, and want to re-join and do it again with us,

you only have to pay R500.  We have a whole host of NEW material for you to benefit from!


Get hold of me to arrange YOUR special discount.


***  This only applies to past alumni students ***




What people are saying ...

WOW! Sue, I am seeing the AURA!  Not just my own, but my husband's, the kids, even trees!  I cannot believe it.


Thank you so much for opening my eyes!


AT, Munich


I am beginning to trust my own gut instinct and intuition.


This has been a brilliant step for me, I am so glad I took this course


SJ, Cape Town


LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole experience, Sue.


The material, the course notes, the booklets, the videos ... I am just loving it.  Thank you!


ND, Johannesburg

I am now being so much more mindful and conscious of my own energy field and that of the people that I spend time with. 


JP, San Francisco



Sue, I am seeing colour around me! I was so worried as I have had so many eye operations in this past year, but this course added a completely new dimension to the world I see around me


MT,  Johannesburg


Learning how to listen to my inner voice, understand my visions and gut instinct has been invaluable for me.


I feel far more confident in my energy work!


PS, London






We cannot wait to take this journey with you!


Make sure you sign up today!






This program is proudly brought to you by The Soul Lighthouse


Website:   www.thesoullighthouse.com   Email: [email protected]

The Soul Lighthouse operates from Munich, Germany